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Welcome To NextSim©, home of the NextSim© analysis engine and the UGLE© universal EDA translation utility.

Since August, 2000 NextSim has been providing quality simulations to demanding customers in the high-performance marketplace. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have.

NextSim is an R&D start-up focusing on IC thermal solutions and our next project is truly the next step on the evolutionary ladder of EDA simulation tools. With development efforts incorporating the most accurate and respected technology in the field today, NextSim is poised to help customers small and large get their projects from strategy to manufacturing in the shortest possible time. NextSim technology is currently in limited use at various commercial customers and at certain university programs.


To be pretty, it must first be UGLE...
UGLE is the Universal Graphic Library Exchange utility that allows NextSim to work seamlessly and effortlessly with all of the major EDA geometry formats. UGLE allows you to bring in these formats and solve them with Nextsim. Proprietary formats want you to be limited to their tools and UGLE gives you the freedom to work with the tools that suit you best. Contact us for a complete list of currently supported tools or to request additional tool support.


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